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Clayfield Aquarium, established in 1972 is Brisbane's oldest and most respected aquarium. We have always been a leader in the aquarium industry. We are not a 'pet shop' but specifically 'aquarium only' so you get the benefit of our years of experience - the best advice, the best equipment and the best service using proven methods plus the latest technology that ensures success - at discounted prices!


Who we are?

We are one of the oldest aquarium stores in Brisbane, being established in 1972, we have a long standing reputation and extensive experience surrounding marine life.

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What we do?

We offer a professional service catering to all marine enthusiasts. We house over 200+ various species of fish and we're constantly introducing new ones.

What our friends say


Great staff, very friendly, super knowledgeable always keen to help you every step of your Aqua Journey

David Hunt

It’s got that steamy fish tank ambience, and they have a good range of both fresh and salt water fish and decorative gear. They also sell tanks, tank stands, and pretty much everything you need to set up and successfully keep fish at home.

Steven L.

Clayfield Acquariums has been absolutely fantastic! They always have a diverse & fresh selection with bright colours. I’ve been coming every few years – thanks guys!

Jasmin Combfield

David HuntSteven L.Jasmin Combfield
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