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Clayfield Aquarium, established in 1972 is Brisbane's oldest and most respected aquarium. We have always been a leader in the aquarium industry. We are not a 'pet shop' but specifically 'aquarium only' so you get the benefit of our years of experience - the best advice, the best equipment and the best service using proven methods plus the latest technology that ensures success - at discounted prices!


Who we are?

We are one of the oldest aquarium stores in Brisbane, being established in 1972, we have a long standing reputation and extensive experience surrounding marine life.

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We offer a professional service catering to all marine enthusiasts. We house over 200+ various species of fish and we're constantly introducing new ones.

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Great staff, very friendly, super knowledgeable always keen to help you every step of your Aqua Journey

David Hunt

It’s got that steamy fish tank ambience, and they have a good range of both fresh and salt water fish and decorative gear. They also sell tanks, tank stands, and pretty much everything you need to set up and successfully keep fish at home.

Steven L.

Clayfield Acquariums has been absolutely fantastic! They always have a diverse & fresh selection with bright colours. I’ve been coming every few years – thanks guys!

Jasmin Combfield

David HuntSteven L.Jasmin Combfield
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What To Expect From An Air Conditioner Service

When you need Air Conditioner Service, your local service provider will want to make sure you are comfortable, even if it means taking a few extra minutes to get your temperature. A heated floor can be a great convenience, but too many of them can cause anxiety and stress. Because they can be so costly to purchase and maintain, many homeowners have opted to install their own systems. While this can be a fun and exciting endeavour, be prepared for some uncomfortable moments when a technician is trying to work on your unit.

For the best results, you should make sure you have the correct tools for air conditioner service. If you are installing a new unit, you will need to have an electrical knowledge that includes the use of sockets, wire nuts, connections, switches, and basic lighting. If you are going to need some mechanical help, this requires a basic knowledge of electrical power, soldering, and the proper tools. As your service professional, they will also need to know about a certain type of compressor and where the furnace should be located.

You may think that having these tools is not enough to diagnose and repair the air conditioner accurately. In reality, it is the most important tool for any technician. This is because the Pristine Aircon Cleaning needs to know how to troubleshoot your unit correctly. They cannot just tell you that there is a problem and leave without helping you.

There are many parts and components of a good air conditioner that can be damaged by improper maintenance or harsh conditions. Before a technician can work on your unit, they will need to have the proper tools. They will need a heat gun, electrical tape, a socket wrench, a soldering iron, pliers, and a battery charger. All of these tools can be found at the manufacturer’s site.

Each part of an air conditioner will require that you know how to take care of it correctly. If you are installing a new unit, you will need to understand the parts list that is available at the manufacturer’s site. If you already have a unit, make sure you take care of it correctly. Having the right parts in place will be a huge benefit to any technician who visits your home. You do not have to have a lot of experience to be able to diagnose an air conditioner. Most parts and components can be found online. If you do not want to spend money on installation, or if you do not want to buy a new unit, you can have a technician take a look at your unit. This can give you the peace of mind you need to know your system is working correctly.

An important point to consider is that the technician is dealing with something that could potentially hurt them. This can scare people, but it does not mean they should take the risk. For example, an electrician knows how to work on electrical systems. They are considered to be very trustworthy, so they are more likely to be trusted than someone who is just learning how to repair the same thing.

In summary, any Air Conditioner Service Company in Brisbane should offer diagnostic services that are free of charge. The equipment that they are repairing should be safe and reliable. Any of these factors will significantly benefit you, and it is worth taking the time to get these things right.

How to plan a Saltwater Aquarium

There’s plenty to forget when planning a new saltwater aquarium such as whereabotus to place the tank in your home or business, what type of fish you’d want to have, what equipment will serve your fish the best, etc etc.

In addition to these (and many different) considerations, accessibility ought to be given severe thought at some point of the planning stage for any aquarium. What I’m relating to here is ensuring you’re literally capable of access the diverse additives of the gadget for the sake of cleaning, maintenance, maintenance, reconfiguration, or any other assignment you may want to accomplish. This may sound obvious, however ease of accessibility is ignored more regularly than you might think, in particular amongst new hobbyists putting in place their very first system.

What areas of an aquarium gadget are of greatest problem when it comes to ease of get admission to?

The top of the tank

Let’s begin at the top—literally. The pinnacle of the tank is the largest hobbyist/system interface. It’s at/from the pinnacle that we feed livestock, scrape algae from the glass/acrylic panes, introduce new specimens, capture specimens for removal, upload to or rearrange rockwork, do away with and add water at some point of water changes, move/redirect powerheads, and so forth. Basically, we need a few degree of get admission to to the top of the tank on a each day basis.

Today’s streamlined reef-lighting fixtures systems have a tendency to be much more conducive to aquarium-pinnacle access than a number of the older systems were. Still, get admission to can be complex or confined if, for example, a heavy and/or complex hood is placed over the tank, the tank is constructed right into a wall or architectural niche with out allowing for adequate overhead clearance, or a glass/acrylic cover is located across the pinnacle of the tank. The critical element to don’t forget is, if your system layout will consist of any form of overhead obstruction, you’ll need to make sure you can both work around it or do away with and update it with relative ease.

The plumbing

Whether your device’s plumbing will consist of inflexible PVC piping or flexible tubing, it’s vital to make certain clean get entry to to the components for recurring visual and tactile inspections to defend towards leaks and so that you can carry out any necessary replacements or repairs to the machine without resorting to herculean effort. Some of the systems I envy most (because I lack the facilities to replicate them) are those which are plumbed through a wall into an adjacent utility room or laundry room with all the pipes and connections visible and without problems reachable at the other facet of the wall.

Acquarium Rockwork

The rockwork

Your aquarium’s rockwork can gift accessibility demanding situations in a few one of a kind ways. For example, if you decide to apply rocks to conceal system, which includes a submersible heater or powerhead, and that they then become overgrown with corals and a thick layer of coralline algae, it is able to turn out to be extremely hard and disruptive to move the rocks and get entry to the device for cleaning, adjustment, or replacement.

Rockwork can also adversely affect accessibility if the aquascaping extends too near the viewing pane, preventing you from attaining that portion of the glass with an algae magnet or scraper for cleaning. Preventing this scenario is an easy matter of allowing ample utility space among the rockwork and viewing pane when you’re planning your aquascape, considering the boom capacity of any corals you ought to connect to the rockwork.

The sump

We began at the top of the aquarium device, so let’s end down inside the sump. Sumps (if used) can serve as the repository for all varieties of aquarium gear—heaters, protein skimmers, return pumps, etc.—and are very usually tucked away out of sight, as an example beneath aquariums in cabinet-fashion stands. Of course, all that system will want to be accessed for adjustment, cleaning, or replacement usually over the lifestyles of the gadget, so you don’t want to get too carried away concealing it. Try to pick out a sump configuration that allows you to get right of entry to every piece of system without having to drag out the whole thing else within the process.

Also, if the sump can be situated under the aquarium, make certain there can be good enough clearance between the lowest of the tank and your protein skimmer or different reactors that are probably placed within the sump to permit for getting entry to and cleaning. Due to a simple oversight, I once observed myself in a scenario wherein I could barely do away with the rather tight-fitting collection cup on my in-sump protein skimmer without striking the lowest of the tank. Fortunately, I was able to treatment the situation by way of moving the sump out of doors the stand. However, it may be an expensive mistake if my only option would have been to buy a lower-profile skimmer.

A sump can be as simple or complicated as you desire, making them bendy to the desires of all reef aquarium keepers.

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