Aquarium Filters

There are many filtration systems on the market, and if you listen to the salesperson they will all offer fantastic results. In fact, what should be stated is that they offer varying levels of success.

All our sales people are active fish-keepers and have first hand experience in keeping marine, cichlid, tropical and native fish and will help you to select the right filter for your aquarium.

There are many different types of filters:

  1. Air pump & basic box filter
  2. Under gravel filter
  3. Internal filter
  4. Sit on the side freshwater power filter
  5. Canister filter
  6. Wet/dry filter
  7. Sit on the side saltwater power filter

Freshwater filters vary in price and results from the cheapest box or under gravel filter up to the wet/dry and canister filters.

We keep an extensive selection of all these filters offering exceptional discounts across the entire range. We are happy to advise you on the right filter to suit your requirements.

Marine Filtration

The Cyclone Marine Filtration System was developed by A.A.S. Pty Ltd after many years of research and testing. It is extremely reliable, efficient and forgiving of mistakes made by novice marine aquarium enthusiasts. It is available in two sizes: Cyclone I for aquariums up to 300 litres and Cyclone II for aquariums up to 800 litres. Warning: Be aware that this filter has been copied so ensure that you accept only the original and genuine Cyclone Filtration System.

Initial Aquarium Setup

Using the latest technology in bacterial inoculums it is now possible to start adding livestock within approximately 5 days of the initial setup of your aquarium.

This is a far cry from the old fashioned methods which made you wait anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks before anything could live in your new aquarium.

Testing your aquarium water is required from the time of adding water to your aquarium. Testing ensures your aquarium water remains within safe parameters and Clayfield Aquarium is always available to assist you in this area.


Maintenance for a saltwater aquarium is much easier than in freshwater aquariums. Using of NNR setup system provides a denitrifying effect in the aquarium which results in less frequent water changes and water testing. The only maintenance then required is the cleaning of algae from the front and side glass of the aquarium, feeding the fish and supplementing corals.

Important Facts on Buying Marine Aquarium Equipment

Keeping a marine aquarium is not difficult but to set it up correctly is more expensive than a freshwater setup.

The cheapest item you are going to buy is the aquarium itself. The most expensive items should be the filtration system and the lighting equipment for your corals and invertebrates.

Remember it is the filtration and the lighting that keeps your beautiful and sometimes expensive fish and corals alive so make sure you choose carefully.

To avoid future disappointment always make sure you understand the limitations of buying cheaper equipment.

When choosing your equipment look at the shop you are intending to purchase your equipment from and ask yourself these questions:

  • What are their marine display tanks like?
  • Does this shop have a display marine tank that I would like to see in my home or office?

After all how can they possibly give advice to you when they can’t do it themselves?

Lastly, and most importantly, will the retailer be there for you after your purchase to give knowledgeable support with any problems you may have?

Clayfield Aquarium will!

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