Freshwater Fish

Tropical Fish – we stock many hundred of different species of freshwater tropical fish.

Cichlids – both African and South American cichlids always available

Natives – for cold or warm water, aquarium or pond

Goldfish – we have a large range of aquarium, pond and imported goldfish.

Coldwater – we also have stocks of small coldwater fish in addition to goldfish which are suitable for tubs and small containers.

Snail, Crayfish, Mussells and Feeder Fish – always available

Plants – we offer a wide range of temperate and tropical (rare and exotic) plants, both bunched and in pots, plus we stock plant food, fertilisers, etc. to ensure excellent plant growth – just ask! We are your exclusive Dupla accredited dealer and have Dupla & JBL C02 systems for optimum plant growth.

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