Lighting, Heating & Cooling


Light is an important part of your aquarium setup. Without adequate lighting your plants will not survive and grow – not only that, without light you cannot see or enjoy the colours of both your fish and plants.

We stock a large range of aquarium lighting, from small inexpensive reflectors up to large, advanced metal halide lighting units. We also stock quality speciality fluorescent tubes for growing plants plus those designed to bring out the best colour in your fish, to suit all standard reflector sizes.

We are happy to advise on the correct lighting for your aquarium.


Corals live in a symbiotic relationship with zooanthellae algae living inside the coral polyps which photosynthesize light and allows corals to live and grow. It is essential to provide adequate lighting to ensure your corals can survive and grow.

As a general rule aquariums with a height not exceeding 18” (50mm) fluorescent lighting is acceptable using 2 x White Full spectrum tubes and 1 or 2 x Blue Actinic tubes.

For aquariums with a height greater than 18” (50 mm) Metal Halide lighting is essential. We have 150w and 250w lighting units available, all approved to Australian Safety Standards.

We are happy to advise on the correct lighting for your marine aquarium.

Heating & Cooling

We stock quality, fully submersible heaters at discounted prices. We also stock Teco chillers.

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